• What is Tik Tok ?

    What is Tik Tok ? Tik Tok is actually an application from China that is used to share short videos. It was launched in September 2016 by the giant Byte Dance. Among other things, users dance, play back, participate in challenges, or make small comic videos to music.
  • Tik Tok interdit aux Etat Unis oui ou non ?

    Le célèbre réseau social Tik Tok devenu rapidement l’application incontournable des moins de 20 ans, n’est plus sous la menace d’une éventuelle interdiction par le gouvernement fédéral américain .Pour le moment aucune poursuite judiciaire est envisagée .
  • Is tik tok getting banned ? Yes or No ?

    The famous social network Tik Tok, which has quickly become the apps number one  for people under 20, is no longer under threat of a possible ban by the US federal government. No legal action is envisaged at this time.
  • How to get certified on Tik Tok quickly?

    Getting certified on Tik Tok is the aspiration of a lot of people. But the catch is that many people do not know how to be certified on Tik Tok...
  • How to subscribe with twitch prime?

    Find out how to subscribe to Twitch prime and the many benefits of choosing this option.
  • How to make a Live on twitch like a boss?

    In this blog post, we're going to show you how to become a boss in all things Live on Twitch, the # 1 video game streaming platform. Controlling and delivering quality live streaming is not for everyone. Follow the steps below to make a quality Live on twitch.
  • How to Donate Twitch - The Easy Way

    Many Twitch streamers invest time and energy in making quality live videos to satisfy even the most discerning fans. They are of course to be congratulated for their commitment and the quality of their achievements. You know that audiovisual equipment is getting more and more expensive. It is more than normal that the broadcasters on Twitch get some financial compensation in the form of donations. Just donating on Twitch is trickier than you think. In this blog post we'll show you different ways to donate on Twitch
  • How to change your nickname on Twitch without worries?

    Want to change your username on Twitch because it doesn't suit your mood right now? On Twitch, you can change your username after creating an account. It could be that your old twitch username from more than 3 years ago seems totally immature to you today or you just created your new profile on twitch and you misspelled your nickname without realizing it. account . Whatever the reason, you can change your nickname on Twitch by following the directions in this blog post.
  • How to earn money with my Tik Tok account?

    You want to leverage your Tik Tok profile to earn compensation for the work you've done, producing quality videos. You need to understand that the first thing you will need to achieve in order to achieve your goal is to first have an engaged Tik Tok community, with many followers. If you want to know how to get Tik Tok followers I recommend you read this blog post How to get Tik Tok followers and likes on your videos fast . You can also buy Tik Tok fans if you don’t have many, this is a good short term solution. Clearly, you absolutely need to get a lot of subscribers on your Tik Tok profile in order to earn money through this application. In this blog post we are going to show several ways to make money with your Tik Tok profile either through the platform itself or with the help of other business partners.
  • How to stream on twitch effectively?

    You can't talk about live streaming without mentioning the Twitch platform as it has become an absolute benchmark in live streaming. This platform was created as a subsidiary of the famous Justin TV platform. It doesn't matter if it's a dedicated video game platform, learning how to stream on Twitch will always be a must for anyone who wants to enter the foreign but nonetheless exciting world of live streaming. In this ultra-comprehensive article we give you in detail all the advice and recommendations for streaming on Twitch effectively!
  • How to do a duet on Tik Tok easily?

    Tik Tok is a popular app among young people. It allows you to create and share interesting short videos. Usually Tik Tok videos are challenges, choreography, and / or games. More and more people are interested in the Tik Tok app because it helps to make quirks of all kinds popular. Recently, Tik Tok added a new Duo feature, which allows you to create videos from videos owned by other users. So if you want to know how to duet on Tik Tok, we tell you everything you need to know step by step just below.
  • What are Instagram Highlights and how do I use them?

    Instagram highlights are an innovative feature designed by the developers of instagram. Exploiting Instagram highlights, also known as “featured” Instagram stories, is very profitable for businesses and individuals. Previously, classic Instagram stories did not appeal too much to users of the platform. Their major flaw compared to Instagram highlights is that they disappear only 24 hours after their broadcast. It was therefore not profitable to invest in the production of content that hardly lasted more than a day.