How to get free deezer and premium deezer

Comment avoir deezer gratuit et deezer premium

If you're looking for a way to get Deezer for free, you've come to the right article. Deezer is the popular music streaming platform through which millions of users listen to their favorite tracks. Having free Deezer is therefore essential to make the most of the site's services. Better still, owning Deezer premium is a dream to have an optimal user experience. Whether you use an Android phone or any other device, it is possible to have Deezer premium to freely enjoy listening to music from the favorite platform of millions of French people. How to get Deezer free? How to get Deezer premium? Find out now.

Two simple techniques to get Deezer free

To have Deezer free, two main possibilities are available to you. The first way to get Deezer free is to take advantage of a promotional offer from distributors or mobile phone operators. As soon as you subscribe to a new package, distributors or operators offer 4 months allowing you to subscribe to Deezer premium. This is an excellent opportunity, so you have to take advantage of Orange, La Poste Mobile or Sosh. The only condition to have Deezer free in this way is not to have subscribed to Deezer during the previous twelve months.

The second possibility to get Deezer free is to subscribe to Deezer for free . This free version of Deezer is of course limited and deprives you of certain privileges but you will be able to enjoy your favorite music.

But, whether you opt for the first technique to get Deezer free or the second, you will have to necessarily register .

Register for free Deezer

In order to have Deezer free, it is necessary to register as if you had to pay. To use Deezer's free services, the only condition is the creation of an account. Follow these steps to create your account:

  • Go to Deezer website or open the Deezer app on your device
  • Press " Registration "
  • Enter your email address and enter your login details and password
  • Press " Registration " to validate the creation of your account.

Once your Deezer account is properly created, you can have Deezer free and take advantage of its services.

The advantages of having Deezer free

Having Deezer free provides considerable benefits. Of course you can have free Deezer premium and we'll see how to achieve that right away, but even just with free Deezer there is a lot you can enjoy. First, you have at your disposal an immense musical reservoir containing more than 53,000,000 songs accessible from your mobile phone, your PC or even your tablet.

Besides that, having free Deezer allows you to enjoy Flow , a feature that brings together your favorite songs, music selected according to your preferences but also sounds that you don't think you remember anymore. In addition, you can have several playlists, intelligently chosen for you by Deezer Editors algorithms.

Even more interesting, with free Deezer, the creation of your own library as well as the development of your playlists are also possible . Thanks to free Deezer, you will now share your songs with your loved ones and enjoy podcasts or the radio.

But to totally get rid of the limits of free Deezer, you can easily have free Deezer premium.

How to get Deezer premium free

It's good to have Deezer free but it's even better to have Deezer premium free to avoid the restrictions of the former. There are several different techniques to get Deezer premium. Here we reveal 3 infallible techniques to achieve this:

Technique 1: get Deezer premium free via a website

You should know that a large number of web platforms offer codes to have Deezer premium free on the web. We are going to talk here about the site http: // http: // . In order to get Deezer premium free, all you need to do is complete a survey . Go to the page Then press the option " Download free premium ." Once the digital operations have been completed and a window opens, select " Download now ".

This operation will allow you to download the survey file. Once you have completed the survey, you will be given a password in the form of a TXT folder to have Deezer premium free . You just have to copy the data at the website level then paste it there or in the Deezer application.

Once done, you can use Deezer premium and enjoy optimal music streaming without ad disruption.

Technique 2: obtain Deezer premium via an application

This technique is also effective for getting Deezer premium. We present 2 applications that will give you access to Deezer premium for free. These are Swiper then Ulike . Both of these programs display ads that you will see every time you unlock your screen. Thus, by using these mobile applications downloadable from Google Play, you can earn a premium Deezer code thanks to your points earnings.

Technique 3: get Deezer premium free via the Facebook social network

Free premium Deezer codes are offered by different Facebook accounts. This leading social network in current and global news offers these possibilities just as Deezer Premium Free FR can do. On these Facebook accounts, you have the opportunity to find a free link for Deezer premium . A bit like the previous technique, you must also carry out a survey to download the program that gives Deezer premium free.

Technique 4: always have Deezer premium free but through a blog

Several companies and sponsors allow to have Deezer premium because they collaborate with followed bloggers. These blogs can therefore offer free Deezer premium codes to motivate and reward readers. You can therefore have Deezer premium thanks to a blog like .

You can thus obtain Deezer premium cards covering several months or even a year. So choose on the site the option that corresponds to download the free Deezer premium code in TXT file. Still as before, surveys are essential to download . Once you have the free premium Deezer code, go and activate it on the official platform.

You now know how to get Deezer free and how to get Deezer premium free too. Nothing complicated! No more unwanted ads, expensive subscriptions and all the other annoyances. By applying these simple techniques, you can easily have Deezer premium free. Enjoy!

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