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Comment avoir des abonnés instagram

Instagram in plain text ...

Beyond being a simple entertainment application reserved for a rather young age group, Instagram has become a formidable marketing tool , this network makes it possible to promote products intended for sale, to create audiences for influencers and brands. It is one of the most popular social networking sites. most popular on the planet , with over 200 million monthly active members sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day.

Gain Instagram Followers Quickly

We will offer you in this article some Ultra effective tips to gain Instagram followers . You will know what to put in your captions below your posts, the right hashtags, create an attractive profile and much more in order to get more Instagram followers, more visibility and engagement for your posts.

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Create your own hashtags

Feel free to create your own hashtag with your Instagram name, your current expression, your event or your brand! Make sure it appears on your bio profile #nikolakevent #kellyjenner #musiceactu ask other Instagram users to use your hashtag in order to get a possible carry over of their posts on your page. People will be more inclined to use your hashtag if they expect a repost of their posts on your insta profile even if you have less than 500 subscribers they will also want to make themselves known to your audiences. If you are a brand or a business, have your personalized hashtag appear offline on your competition, electronic messages, your receipts, invoices, receipts, your paper advertisements, flyer, prospectus or signage in your physical or online store .

Comment avoir des abonnés instagram

Use the right hashtags for your posts

You can easily discover the most popular hasstags on a theme thanks to the site: keywordtool once the best hasstags have been identified, you will need to enter them at the end of each of your posts. Regarding the choice of your hashtags you must enter two types of hashtags:

  • Popular hashtags related to your theme as seen previously


  • Generalist hashtags but popular of the type: #happiness # friendship #joie #citation #couple #sms #love #man #woman #life #fun ...

You will need both to get maximum exposure from your posts on the network.

Take part in massively popular conversations

Once you have discovered the 3 best hashtags for your theme, all you have to do is comment on the first 4 posts of your hashtags in order to be visible to people who will read the comments linked to these ultra popular posts, which will Encourage them to come and subscribe to your profile afterwards. This technique is called the method: Gary Vee little known but highly effective at acquiring new subscribers in an organic and natural way. Avoid spamming comments with advertising but rather post an ultra relevant comment allowing you to indicate to others that you are a connoisseur in this topic and that you have valuable content on your page to offer to those who would like to follow you.

Acheter des followers instagram

Find an optimized SMO name or title (ideally)

Some people use instagram like google in the sense that they type keywords in the search bar to find profiles or post on a theme. If your name matches one of his keywords then your profile will appear in the first search results many people. This is what we call the SMO for Seach Media Optimization (social network) and the SEO (google) Seach Engine Optimization. Example if your theme is fitness and that your name on instagram is Mathieu. It is interesting to change your name to “ Fitness Mathieu ”In order to benefit from SMO . If you don't want to change your name, you can always include the keyword “Fitness” in one of your Instagram bio titles.

comment avoir des abonnés instagram

Take care of the texts linked to your publications

A picture is worth a thousand words, although Instagram is an image-based platform you can't ignore the editorial part of your posts . Take the example of the National Geographic Instagram page: they knew combined superb image with very interesting texts used to illustrate the photos, which had the result of eliciting a lot of commitment from their subscribers.

Go all out on influencer marketing

Consult the profiles of each people that you have identified as being influencers in your theme, do not hesitate to contact them. request ad exchanges or partnerships type game competition. Sometimes you just need to make a post on your newsfeed about an influencer for the influencer to be so flattered in his equals that he repost you himself in his stories! Activate “post notifications” to be notified whenever an influencer you've previously targeted shares new content. You can then interact with them regularly and become one of their favorite people or brands.

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Don't forget your calls to action!

Like other social networks, Instagram is not just a one-way content distribution platform, but above all an exchange platform . What actions do you expect from people? A visit to your website or blog? or only that they subscribe to your profile and follow you? Offer their compensation or “reward if they perform any of its actions. You have surely noticed that many Instagram pages offer contests in order to win a t-shirt, a pen, a soft toy or a cheap cosmetic product. In exchange for this gift they will all ask you to subscribe to their pages or tag one or two of your friends. They will be much more inclined to follow you if they have something to gain whether it is a proprietary information or physical product . It's up to you to be creative and find what you can bring them.

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An effective strategy to get Instagram followers is simply to buy them on specialized sites like Shop just like me . It's a very popular site which allows you to '' buy real instagram followers belonging to real active accounts . This practice is completely legal, many influencers use it in order to significantly increase their number of subscribers. Why ? Because the number attracts the number! A large number of followers already on your profile will encourage new visitors to subscribe to their tours. This is what we call social proof , people will say to themselves that if this instagram profile has a lot of likes or subscribers then it means that it offers interesting content for me.

In summary: To get more followers on Instagram follow these essentials

  • Promote your dedicated hashtags on your other social profiles, on your website and in your email.

  • Be creative with your hashtags . Be funny, ironic or outrageous - but never boring!

  • Look at them current and trending hashtags . Join these conversations to meet more people.

  • Use your organic link to drive traffic to your newest or most popular content.

  • Write beautiful captions to illustrate your posts. Storytelling will help generate engagement and sharing .

  • Interact with top influencers of your theme and try to become one of their favorite people or brands.

  • Don't want a photo tagged of yourself or your brand on your profile? Edit the tags to hide your profile pictures.

  • Adjust your settings so that no potentially embarrassing tagged photos appear without your approval.

  • Develop your own visual identity unique and recognizable.

  • Use a call to action to tell people what you want them to do with your posts. Find smart ways to get people to share your content or offer their compensation that don't cost you too much.


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