How to get Spotify and premium free

Comment avoir Spotify et premium gratuit

Having spotify and spotify premium free is the dream of many music app users. Spotify is unquestionably the go-to music streaming app for millions of users around the world. But you need to have free premium spotify in order to benefit from enviable services like ad-free music listening or unlimited download. Normal that everyone is looking for how to have free premium spotify so as not to spend a lot of money in the music app while enjoying unlimited listening on Spotify. Don't worry, we show you in this article how to have spotify and spotify premium free for free!

How to get Spotify free

To get Spotify free, all you have to do is download the app. You can therefore have Spotify free without paying to take advantage of the classic features available on the Spotify application. To get Spotify free, just follow these steps:

Get free Spotify on your computer

  • Go to the Spotify website and start the download. If it does not start, press to restart Spotify free download
  • Find the downloaded application file in your files. Run it by double clicking on it
  • Be faithful to all the indications to install the application
  • Finally, log in to get Spotify free and listen to your favorite songs

If you are unable to download Spotify for free, you can still listen to your favorite sounds through your browser with a player.

How to Use Free Spotify on Mobile

To have Spotify free on your mobile devices like phones and tablets, you just have to download Spotify in your PlayStore. With the Spotify app either for Android or IOS via App Store, enjoy the pleasure of listening to music wherever you are!

Can we now have Spotify premium free to enjoy even better?

Now that you can have Spotify free, normal that you are wondering how to get Spotify premium free too. The advantages are to avoid ads and not have to make payments. Yes, it is possible to have Spotify premium free! You should know that at the beginning, Spotify gives 3 months Spotify premium free trial where you have plenty of time to enjoy the best features of the app without spending a penny.

But after this deadline expires, you can only have Spotify premium against payment. Otherwise, you will only benefit from classic basic services plus pubs and depending on the web connection. Even if you try to create new accounts with new credentials, Spotify will recognize your IP address and prevent you from getting Spotify premium free. But don't worry! We will show you how to continue to have Spotify premium free without having to pay any money!

Comment avoir spotify et premium gratuit

How to get Spotify premium free

To have Spotify premium free, multiple Spotify-like apps are disappointing. The problems often encountered with these bad apps to get Spotify premium free are excessive commercials, too short music playlists, server malfunctions and poor audio quality. However, there are still some reliable apps to get Spotify premium free. This is the example of Spotify Fix no Ads.

Get Spotify premium free with Spotify Fix no Ads

In order to have Spotify premium free accessible from your smartphone or with IOS, observe the following indications to avoid any problem:

  • Go to the AppValley website. Press the "Install" button. Then install the application on your smartphone.
  • If the application is not visible, go to "Settings". Select 'Downloaded profile'. You may be asked for your secret code.
  • Open AppValley. But if the menu does not appear, close the application and then reopen it.
  • Press the "Search" option. Enter "Spotify". Choose "Spotify Fix no Ads".
  • Choose the application. Press the "Get" key then wait for the installation.
  • Then proceed with your configuration. Give permission to install apps from unknown sources. Or go to profile management so that Spotify Fix no Ads has a full installation.
  • Open the Spotify Fix no Ads app from the menu level of your smartphone. Proceed to the configuration of your profile then go to "Subscription" in the account options. The interface that will appear is the same as the Spotify interface as well as the accessibility to the music content of the application.

Use Devide ID Changer to get Spotify premium free

Spotify gives you 3 months free when you use it as premium Spotify as a new user. Once this period has passed, you are normally no longer able to have Spotify premium free. This cut is explained by the fact that Spotify identifies the IP and therefore prevents it from enjoying Spotify premium services beyond the test period. In order to prevent this inconvenience, the Device ID Changer 2020 application helps you change the IP options of your smartphone to continue to have Spotify premium free.

How to use Device ID Changer 2020

To get Spotify premium free with this application, here's how to go about it:

  • You must first proceed to root your smartphone so that the application data is kept in your memory
  • Download Spotify. Then install it. Proceed to create an account to start your Spotify premium free trial period
  • Access the application. Then select the "Edit ID" option. You can then change the ID of your mobile, simply click on "Refresh"
  • Enter the tab located at the bottom left of the drop-down menu. Click on the Spotify app. Thus, by using the application for the creation of a new user, it will identify a new ID. You will therefore have no problem having Spotify premium free for a new trial period
  • Whenever you change the ID of your smartphone, the old ID will be kept in the history. This registration allows you to find the starting ID of your mobile as soon as you want
  • Once you have subscribed for free to have Spotify premium free, change the ID of your mobile and then proceed to create another Spotify account. This maneuver you will once again be able to access the test period for free and have Spotify premium free.

Now you know how to get Spotify and Spotify premium free. If you don't have it yet, you just need to download the Spotify app to enjoy. If you are already using it, then follow the tips in this article to have Spotify premium free without limits!

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