How to create a Youtube channel quickly

comment créer une chaîne youtube rapidement ?

Creating a Youtube channel is practically a necessity these days to have more visibility regardless of the industry. If creating a Youtube channel has absolutely no secrets for millions of entrepreneurs, YouTubers or individuals, it is no wonder that you are still wondering how to create a Youtube channel, especially if you are just starting out. Far from being a puzzle, setting up a Youtube channel to promote your business is an easy thing if you follow simple steps. So discover in this article how to easily create a Youtube channel to quickly launch your digital strategy.

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1- To create a Youtube channel, create a Google account

Before creating a Youtube channel, you must have a Google account or proceed to create it if you haven't already. This is justified by the fact that Youtube is a service of the Google company, which many ignore. If you already have a Google Account, all you have to do is sign in using your personal credentials and then go directly to step two of this article. If you do not already have a Google account, follow the instructions below to have it:

  • Go to Google, then press the " Connection " button located at the right end at the top in the window that appears
  • On the page that appears, select the option " Create an account "
  • Fill in all the required information in the form
  • Then you just validate by clicking on the "Next" button located in the lower part of the page
  • Fill in the appropriate information again then click on the "Next" button
  • Select " Next " in order to access the next step

You can skip unnecessary formalities if you only want the essentials, which is just a working Google account to create a Youtube channel. All you have to do is give your acceptance of the conditions of use .

To make sure you are actually logged in, take a look at the right end of the top of your page. If so, you'll find your displayed Google address.

Once you have completed this step of obtaining a Google account, you can create a Youtube channel now.

2-Go to Youtube to create your Youtube channel

As soon as you now have your own Google account, you can easily create your Youtube channel.

  • For that just go to the Youtube site . Once on the platform, look in the top right corner of the page that appears.
  • Go to the options of the Youtube site.
  • To create your Youtube channel, use the drop down menu. Then select "my channel". You will see the appearance of another window.
  • Then fill in the personal identifiers that you want to use as the username. This name will be valid for the name of your Youtube channel. It's a bit like how you can come up with a name for a blog.
  • Once done, select the option "create a Youtube channel ."

Your creation of a Youtube channel is then definitively effective. However, for optimal use, you will need to personalize it by adding a few elements such as a logo or a Youtube description.

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3- Create a personalized Youtube channel with a logo

Creating a Youtube channel is also and above all about personalizing it to make it easily recognizable and memorable to users. There's no point in creating a Youtube channel that won't grab the viewer's attention at first sight . The logo must therefore be expressive enough to get Internet users to understand you but above all to encourage your visitors to take an interest in your Youtube channel. You can thus design a logo when creating your Youtube channel. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the options at the top right and select " my channel "
  • Click on the "customize channel " button. You will see your channel displayed at the top left. You find a square housing the first initial of the name you entered
  • Hover over this space and press the pen icon that appears. You will see the option to change your Youtube channel icon. So press the " modify " key
  • Then you just have to import an image which will be the logo of the Youtube channel. In case your chosen photo is too big, a crop will be necessary to be able to substitute it for the pre-existing icon in the small square.

It is also possible to make the logo purchase on sites like GraphicRiver or Fotolia, choose photos in banks free images or have custom logos designed on freelance sites like If you're the creative type, software like Canva can be used to create your own logo yourself.

4- Complete the creation of your Youtube channel with an original description

Besides the logo, creating a Youtube channel also means designing an appropriate description. Now that the graphic details for the logo are complete, you can put a beautiful description that is perfect for creating a Youtube channel. The purpose of the description is to specify what the activities of your Youtube channel will be about.

For example, the kinds of videos you will publish and the main themes that your Youtube channel will cover. At this level, it is possible to integrate links to your accounts on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram or that of your blog if you possibly maintain one.

To create a Youtube channel with a relevant description, no need to write too big a text. Be concise, precise, motivational and briefly explain the purpose of your Youtube channel to all your potential Internet users. According to studies, a perfect, neat and relevant description brings 5 ​​times more subscribers to a Youtube channel.

Now you know everything to create a perfect Youtube channel that won't take long to become a must-have and publish viral videos. By following all the steps in this article, you can create a Youtube channel easily with a beautiful logo and enticing description. Now it's up to you to make all your art speak by broadcasting quality videos on your Youtube channel that will make you known!

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