How to easily save a Tik Tok in your phone gallery?

Comment enregistrer facilement un Tik Tok dans sa galerie de téléphone ?

A Tik Tok video saved on your mobile device is easy to watch. You can watch it as many times as you want. Find out how to check-in with ease.

Tik Tok application: easy recording

You can save a video to your gallery using a Tik Tok app. Download it from Play Store or App Store and install it in your device. Open your account. Go directly to the video you want to record. By pressing this video for about 3 seconds, the "Record video" tab will appear. Click on it to start recording.

However, you need to make sure you have enough space on your device. The video will be saved there directly. You can apply this solution whenever you find an interesting Tik Tok on another account.

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Here is what you need to do to save a Tik Tok to your photo gallery:

Screen Recording: recording on your iOS

With a suitable screen recorder, you can record a Tik Tok video played on your iOS device. Here are the steps to follow:

  • enable the "Screen Recording" option in the "Control Center";
  • open your account and find the video on other Tik Tok subscribers ;
  • play the video you want to record (recording will start automatically);
  • end the recording by going back to the "Control Center" and clicking on the "Stop" tab.

ApowerREC application: recording on iOS and Android

The ApowerREC app is another screen recorder compatible with iOS and Android. It can capture all movements made on a mobile phone.

Using ApowerREC on iOS

Using the ApowerRec app on iOS allows you to record multiple Tik Tok videos at once. Registration takes place in a few steps:

  • download ApowerRec from App Store;
  • install the application;
  • go to "Settings", then "Control Center" to activate "Screen recording";
  • press for a few seconds on "Screen Recorder" in the "Control Center" to get the "AppowerREC" tab. Select the latter;
  • start recording by clicking on "Start broadcast";
  • open your Tik Tok account, find and play the video to record (the recording will start automatically);
  • end the recording by clicking "Stop" in the "Control Center".

Using AppowerREC on Android

The ApowerREC version compatible with an Android device has other additional options. These relate to video resolution, frame rate and bit rate. Below are the steps to follow to register:

  • download and install the ApowerREC app from Google Play Store;
  • adjust video and audio settings in "Settings";
  • activate the overlay icon;
  • open your Tik Tok account and find the video to record;
  • play the video;
  • click on the overlay icon and then on "Record" to start recording;
  • End recording by pressing "Stop" in the overlay icon.

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