How to be known on Tik Tok and go viral?

comment être connu sur tik tok et devenir viral

Famous as Tik Tok influencers

Fame is no longer just for movie, music or sports stars. Social networks have changed the situation and we have seen the birth of a new type of opinion leader who is now called influencers. Many young and old now want to take advantage of this windfall and become known on social networks. The latest trendy social network is Tik Tok. A lot of influencers have managed to create an audience of millions of fans. But how did they do it? How did they manage to achieve this feat reserved for a small number of people? What methods did they use to achieve such notoriety? Can we too anyway?

Objective to get as many fans as possible

To be known on Tik Tok is the first thing to do and to get as many fans as possible on Tik Tok. You absolutely need to create a solid audience that will follow you over the months. to do this there are several techniques:

The easiest way to get started would be to buy Tik Tok fans in order to build a follower base and give your profile credibility. This is what many French or English speaking influencers do.

Your Tik Tok profile picture

I need an attractive profile picture that catches the eye and makes you want to click on it to find out more about you. this photo must attract the attention of users you can of course retouch it with specialized software.

Your Tik Tok biography

Once your profile picture has been looked at, people will rush into delirium against biography and of course it will have to be complete and very well written, it must imperatively contain the call to the “subscribe” action you must also mention the fact that you will be making Tik Tok videos every week on a regular basis in order to make people want to subscribe and follow you so as not to miss a single one of your next videos.

Do you choose a theme

it would be nice to have a common thread on each of the Tik-Tok videos. Your profile should correspond to a theme, be it dance, sport, choreography, cooking or other. The goal is to create an audience based on a theme in order to be better referenced on the Tik Tok platform and to attract a well-targeted audience, which may make things easier for you in the future. in addition, it is essential if you subsequently want to develop an audience that you have monetized by creating partnerships with brands. brands and companies are necessarily in a theme or a niche, therefore it wishes to address an audience that corresponds to their theme and not a general audience.

Posted content regularly

The biggest influencers know that posting content regularly and in quantity is the key to getting the most fans on Tik Tok.

Influencer Loren Gray with over 39 million subscribers has posted a total of over 2,500 videos on Tik Tok. She understood very well that posting large numbers of Tik Tok videos is essential to build a solid Tik Tok follower base and become ubiquitous on the platform.

comment être connu sur tik tok

Stand out from the crowd

be creative well, you have to follow the trend but he brought that personal touch to it. The thing that will make others notice you is to create content that is original. you can prepare him in advance how to make a storyboard or a script do not hesitate to ask your friends for advice from your followers on Tik Tok wait to know what he would like to see in your videos. t2>

Participate in challenges

The challenges are represented by hashtags, it may be a dance of the moment or a joke that goes around Facebook. you will have to flush out the most trendy challenges and participate in them massively. challenges are one of the keys to obtaining maximum visibility and therefore encouraging new people to follow you.

Use the most popular hashtags

You will need to add at least 5 or 6 hashtags below each of your videos in order to give them maximum visibility. Many people go to Tik Tok only to follow the most trendy hashtags.You must absolutely be present on the most popular hashtags, even if they do not necessarily correspond to your theme. The goal is to be seen by as many people as possible.

Make remakes

You will need to find the Tik Tok videos that are causing the buzz right now and remake them. That is to say, you will have to recreate the same type of videos, either we parody it or by doing “something your own”. The goal is to always ride the trend. With this technique you will get maximum visibility.

Make the right choice of soundtrack

If you make a quality Tik Tok video, you will need to choose the most popular music of the moment for your interest and of course put the hashtag that corresponds to it. sometimes it's not the videos that make the buzz on Tik Tok play the songs. Making the strategic choice to play the right song of the moment is to ensure a buzz for your Tik Tok video point this very simple strategy will allow you to obtain Tik Tok and Tik Tok likes on your video post.

Make high definition videos

you can improve the quality of your videos by having suitable equipment, either with a phone you have a good resolution or quite simply by having quality lighting when you shoot your scenes.

You can use the tools of the Tik Tok application to edit your video but we recommend that you use a real independent editing software like Camtasia for example. you also have on the internet many editing applications such as Timbre, Funimate, Vizmato, Inshot. Do not hesitate to bet on quality because it is always rewarded.

Reply to comments

comment être connu sur tik tok

People will comment on your videos over the months, as you know people are not always sympathetic especially when they know that their comments are anonymous and that they will not suffer the consequences of their comments. about. Some people will post abusive or inappropriate comments. Even if this doesn't necessarily have a negative impact on your feelings or your morale, try to get past it, let comments appear under the videos. Why ? Because we know that feedback boosts Tik Tok's algorithm. This will promote your visibility on the platform. It's clearly strategic.

Encourage interaction by responding to each comment

Do you have a large fan number on your Tik Tok account? Congratulation ! You are now part of the very closed club of influencers. Now your audience is counting on you. You have weight and influence, now you need to maintain a strong relationship with your fans. When they leave you a comment, they expect or hope for a response from you. Responding to every comment will show your involvement with your followers and show them that you care for them. This will encourage them to follow you faithfully over a long period of time. This is exactly what we need.

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comment obtenir rapidement des abonnés Tik Tok et des j'aime sur vos vidéos

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