How to get certified on Tik Tok quickly?

Comment‌ ‌être‌ ‌certifié‌ ‌sur‌ ‌tik‌ ‌tok‌ ‌?‌

Getting certified on Tik Tok is the aspiration of a lot of people. But the catch is that many people do not know how to be certified on Tik Tok, at least the procedures to follow or the criteria to meet. Indeed, being verified Tik Tok can provide you with considerable benefits. Verifying your Tik Tok account can greatly boost your projects. Obtaining the certification of your Tik Tok account not only legitimizes you, authenticates you, makes you credible but above all proves your Tik Tok subscribers or your followers all your professionalism. To be certified on Tik Tok, however, is not easy. Often, it's the stars, brands or publishers who are easily Tik Tok certified. But you can also get your certification on Tik Tok by fulfilling a number of conditions. We therefore reveal in this article all the criteria to be certified by Tik Tok and enjoy the benefits associated with it.

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How to be certified on Tik Tok: the criteria to be fulfilled

To be certified on Tik Tok, there are a number of criteria to consider. According to Rachel Pederson, close to the team that worked on Tik Tok and expert on the social network, here are the main criteria to be certified by Tik Tok. These are the aspects that are considered when verifying your account by Tik Tok:

  • how your number of Tik Tok followers grows every day : if your account regularly gains in the range 500 to 2000 daily subscribers , you have a good chance to be certified on Tik Tok
  • how your display time increases : to be certified by Tik Tok, this is one of the most determining criteria. You will more easily obtain a certification of your Tik Tok account if your number of views as well as your display times increase
  • media impact : if your Tik Tok account appears on many important and reference media such as TV , mags or journals , being certified by Tik Tok will only be a formality for you!
  • the viral level of your posts : if your Tik Tok account regularly posts viral videos or content that quickly becomes viral, your chances of having Tik Tok certification increase
  • the weight of other social networks: to be certified on Tik Tok, the fact that your accounts have already obtained verifications on other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is a huge asset

So ​​fulfilling these different criteria is important to be certified on Tik Tok even if it will not be easy or easy to do so. On the other hand, the task is much easier when you are already very famous or widely publicized.

So that we can be certified on Tik Tok, how are badges granted?

To be certified on Tik Tok, you obviously need a verified badge. Precisely, several parameters are taken into account by Tik Tok in this case. To assign you this badge which will allow you to be certified on Tik Tok, we take into account how you are authentic, active or even unique . But one of the fundamental criteria is that you abide by the Tik Tok Community Charter, Guidelines and Terms of Service . But you have to be careful: having a verified badge does not mean that Tik Tok gives approval to everything: it is imperative to follow the standards even as a verified user of Tik Tok.

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Can I apply to be certified on Tik Tok?

Being certified by Tik Tok on request is absolutely not possible . Unlike networks like Twitter or Instagram where you can submit a request, it is impossible to do so to be certified on Tik Tok. It is this Tik Tok itself that takes the initiative to go in search of user accounts worthy of being verified!


To be certified on Tik Tok, so don't get too obsessed with verification because you don't have your fate entirely in your hands. However, you can put the following tips into practice to put the odds in your favor:

  • check your accounts on other social networks
  • get media attention
  • use quality content creation tools
  • integrate strategic music
  • be interactive and engaged with your other accounts and subscribers!

There you go! Your turn now !

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