How to make surprising effects on Tik Tok?

comment faire des effets surprenants sur Tik Tok ?

Why is Tik Tok one of the best apps for creating effects on videos?

In this blog post, we'll tell you why the Tik Tok app is great for creating effects on your videos. The new music-based social network has not become popular for nothing. This provides a multitude of tools and special effects that can be incorporated into its videos when creating them. Of course, the videos that we create in the application are initially intended for your Tik Tok followers and other users of the platform, who will be very happy to view your creations. However, Tik Tok videos are so well done and so attractive that they can be found on other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram because some influencers do not hesitate to share them outside the application. Video effects are a great way to add fun to a video that would arguably be too mundane if left as is. You can give free rein to your fantasy and surf the latest effects of the moment. You will delight your Tik Tok subscribers and in this article we tell you how.

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How do I create effects on my Tik Tok video?

In this paragraph, we will see together where the “video effect” function is located on the Tik Tok application. We will also see how to achieve the first Tik Tok video effect by following each of the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Tik Tok application and access the video creation space by clicking on the central button at the bottom of your screen. Comment faire des effets surprenant sur Tik Tok
  2. Click on the Tik Tok video effects button as shown in the photo below Comment faire des effets surprenant sur Tik Tok
  3. Select the video effect you want among the different options Comment faire des effets surprenant sur Tik Tok
  4. The effect goes directly to your screen. Just click on the central red button to start recording your Tik Tok video. Comment faire des effets surprenant sur Tik Tok

Once the video is saved you can apply other Tik Tok

video effects

You have the option to apply other effects of Tik Tok videos once this one is saved:

  • Transitions
  • Stickers
  • Repetitions
  • Slow motion or slowmo
  • Visual filters
  • Stickers

Your Tik Tok followers will appreciate your work!

Now you know how to perform awesome effects on your Tik Tok videos, so feel free to give each of them a try. The more time you spend making your video, the better it will be. Videos that have many effects including slow mo or transitions are highly appreciated by users of the platform. You will surely get many followers if your video is done well. If you have a new Tik Tok profile your goal will be to get your first 1000 Tik Tok fans quickly so that you can access additional features. If you don't have them yet, you can still buy them on the Just Like Me Store in the section buy Tik Tok fans . This is a good short-term solution but in the long term, you should preferably build a tight-knit community that will follow you over the months for this we advise you to read the blog article: how to quickly get Tik Tok followers and likes on your videos

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