How to Donate Twitch - The Easy Way

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Many Twitch streamers invest time and energy in making quality live videos to satisfy even the most discerning fans. They are of course to be congratulated for their commitments and the quality of their achievements. You know that audiovisual equipment is getting more and more expensive. It is more than normal that broadcasters on Twitch get some financial compensation in the form of donations. Just donating on Twitch is trickier than you think. In this blog post we'll show you different ways to donate on Twitch.

Donate Twitch with Twitch Bits

We recommend that you use Bits (which could just as easily be translated to cheers). This is the official donation system on Twitch, unfortunately it is not easy to use as this system is only available to Twitch Affiliates and Partners. Clearly, Bits are a kind of virtual currency that can be purchased directly on the Twitch platform through Amazon payments.

Donating a viewer to a Twitch broadcaster can be done from the chat or chat box. Twitch gives you some sort of social recognition through multiple badges when you use your Bits. These badges are a distinction visible to all platform users and serve to recognize fans who contribute financially to the development of their favorite Twitch channels. Twitch broadcasters will earn $ 1 for every 100 bits sent during their live stream. You can donate using the method below:

  1. To launch Bits from your partner program or Twitch affiliate network, enter the partner settings located on your Twitch dashboard.
  2. Find the parameter group “Cheers” and press “Activate cheers with Bits”
  3. Viewers can now use their Bits in your Twitch channel by pressing “cheer” and entering the number of Bits they want to send to you.

Twitch Donations on Paypal

One of the easiest ways to donate on Twitch is to simply use Paypal. It is also necessary that your favorite streamer has thought of leaving his Paypal link in his bio to receive donations. Sometimes some people do not dare for fear of being judged as a beggar in front of their community. This is totally understandable, but they are far from suspecting how much money they are leaving on the table ...

The service allows you to easily create a link allowing the receipt of money, most streamers incorporate this link in the biography of their Twitch profiles.

comment faire un don twitch

Page services allowing Twitch donations

Twitch Streamers have the option of using the services of third-party companies in order to obtain a donation page. Here are the companies that provide this service:

  • Gaming for Good
  • StreamTip
  • Muxy
  • Stream Elements
  • StreamLabs

All of its services allow you to design a personalized donation page for your Twitch channel. Your page will be hosted on their servers and you'll have a link to post to your Twitch profile for more visibility.

comment faire un don twitch

In conclusion

You now know how to donate on Twitch and especially how to easily get donations if you have a channel. Do not hesitate to solicit your audience in order to obtain a few generous acts. It is a very common practice to reward a job well done.

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