How to make a Live on twitch like a boss?

comment faire un live twitch

In this blog post, we're going to show you how to become a boss in all things Live on Twitch, the # 1 video game streaming platform. Mastering and delivering quality live streaming is not for everyone. Follow the steps below to make a quality Live on twitch.

The main thing to get started is first to have a good connection and a fairly powerful computer.

■ The minimum recommended configuration is a PC with 4 GB of RAM and a dual-core processor + a web connection offering an upload greater than 0.75 Mbps .
​​■ The configuration you need if your means allow it, a i5 2500k and an upload greater than 2.20 Mbps . A second screen and a webcam are interesting because you will be able to communicate with your spectators and thus follow their reactions simultaneously. This is a plus that will make your life easier, but it is not decisive.

It's all about gear in the end? 90% yes But you will still need create your account on Twitch . Click on the Registration button at the top right, enter your username, password, date of birth and email. You can also sync your Twitch account to your Facebook account if you want. Want to learn more about Twitch? We have written a complete guide How to stream on twitch effectively

comment stream sur twitch

Last point of formality: download and install Xsplit Broadcaster software , video streaming and editing software. Very efficient because it allows you to capture multiple video sources but also Flash plugins and full screen games on games supporting DirectX 9 and above.

How to start a Live on twitch thanks to Xsplit?

■ Start Xsplit then click on the Broadcast .
tab ■ Select Add Chanel and Twitch to connect Xsplit to your Twitch profile.

■ Click on the Authorize button then enter your Twitch credentials.
< br> ■ Xsplit will then diagnose your hardware configuration and your internet connection, many video resolutions will be offered to you depending on the results.
■ Click on Finish once the test has been taken into account.

Xsplit will then tell you to configure your audio and video settings. For the minimum configuration, it is better to:

  • ■ to have a Maximum bitrate of 500 kb / s .
    ■ For the audio plugin, opt for 128bits AAC mode .
    ■ Click on the gear icon and decrease the quality of the live (change it to 10).
    ■ Increase the FPS (frame per second) to 25.
    ■ Change the resolution of the live video (video size) by setting it to 320p which is as low as possible.
  • Now that you have a basic configuration, you are back to the Xsplit home interface again.

  • ■ At the bottom left, click on Add> Add Screen Region to configure the area of ​​your screen that will be captured.

    ■ Select your entire screen to better cover the live.
    ■ Maximize the window that has just appeared on the entire Xsplit home interface.
    ■ Click again on Broadcast and Twitch to load your live

comment faire un live twitch

The latest recommendations for a successful live Twitch:

  • Check all of your gear before starting and your peripherals (controller or microphone) so that everything is up to date
  • Write on a notepad the essential points that you are going to address in your Live so as not to forget anything
  • When you have more experience, you will be able to juggle between action in your Game and conversation with your followers in the
  • dialog box

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