How to make a Tik Tok?

Comment faire un Tik Tok ?

Want to know how to make a video on the Tik Tok app? I can explain to you how to do it in the best possible way.

Tik Tok what exactly is it?

Tik Tok is a wonderful social network based on the creation of video selfies, it allows you to film yourself while playing backing tracks, dancing or performing many challenges. It is an application which makes videos short and extremely viral. There you will find hashtags that allow the videos to be classified into different categories. You can also subscribe to other accounts that you find attractive or get lots of fans for yourself.

Steps to make a Tik Tok video:

  1. Start the application and click on the "+" button at the very bottom of your screen.
  2. You must choose a music by clicking on “add a sound”.
  3. Record your movie by pressing the camera button always at the bottom of the screen, and don't forget to keep it pressed.
  4. You can shoot from a distance by pressing the small stopwatch just to the right, this action will start the countdown.

Enhance your video with effects

The advantage of Tik-Tok is that you can add many effects and filters at any time to improve the quality of your video and make it much more attractive. We are going to show you some essential tools that you absolutely must know.

  • The magic wand, which will allow you to improve your visuals quickly.
  • The speed control: will allow you to adjust the speed of your video playback.
  • Tik Tok filters to add an ambient color to your video.
  • The different effects: Flash, reflection or aging.
Comment faire un tik tok ?

The other features of Tik Tok

You can duet on Tik Tok with other users, you can even duet with yourself. You have the option to download your Tik Tok video and share it on your other social networks. Another cool feature is that you can give freebies when watching other people's LIVE. These are small stickers representing animals or objects. You have the possibility to make video LIVE as soon as you have more than 1000 fans, on this subject I advise you to read the excellent blog article: How to easily make a LIVE on Tik Tok .

Comment faire facilement un LIVE sur Tik Tok

In conclusion

Now you have all the tools to make a quality Tik Tok video that should attract a lot of fans. If you are new to Tik Tok and want a lot of follower you can buy Tik Tok fans from the Just Like me Store. You will then have cheap follower, it's a good way to start when your account is not very well known.

Source: How to quickly get Tik Tok followers and likes on your videos

comment obtenir rapidement des abonnés Tik Tok et des j'aime sur vos vidéos

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