How to earn money with my Tik Tok account?

Comment gagner de l'argent avec son compte Tik Tok ?

You want to leverage your Tik Tok profile to earn compensation for the work you've done, producing quality videos. You need to understand that the first thing you will need to achieve in order to achieve your goal is to first have an engaged Tik Tok community, with many followers. If you want to know how to get Tik Tok followers I recommend you read this blog post How to get Tik Tok followers and likes on your videos fast . You can also buy Tik Tok fans if you don't have a lot of them this is a good short term solution. Clearly, you absolutely need to get a lot of subscribers on your Tik Tok profile in order to earn money through this application. In this blog post we are going to show several ways to make money with your Tik Tok profile either through the platform itself or with the help of other business partners.

Make money with your Tik Tok fans

You have many followers on Tik Tok and have managed to build a community of people who follow you. Note that the Tik Tok app has a program called “Diamond Program” which allows your fans to purchase virtual coins that can be used on the app with real currency. Virtual coins purchased by your most loyal followers are redeemable for virtual gifts. All you have to do is encourage your followers to give you this type of gift in order to turn their gifts into real money. If you make quality videos your subscribers will be inclined to reward you in this way. You can give or receive virtual gifts, the important thing is that they can be converted into real money. Usually the transfer of money to your bank account will be via PayPal, but you can use other transfer services if they are available. You can make an exchange from a hundred euros up to a maximum of 1000 euros per week. As you can imagine, not all of your Tik Tok fans will give you this type of gift. The more fans you have, the more money you will earn thanks to this internal compensation system at Tik Tok.

comment gagner de l'argent avec tik tok diamant programme

Make money by monetizing in your Tik Tok audience

Partnership with brands

Many people want to become an influencer on Tik Tok today, in part in the hope of partnering with brands and getting material benefits (money, free products, invitations, etc. ). . A very large number of Tik Tokeur have subscribed to specialized platforms to meet brands or companies. Usually you don't have to run after companies to get a contract. They're the ones who spot you, especially when your posts have a lot of engagement from your community.

Therefore, it is important for me to remind you that a partnership with a brand is often linked to the numbers displayed on your Tok Tok profile (your number of subscribers, comments and likes per video) . Clearly, a Tik Tok influencer can bring his image, his expertise, his popularity, his influence, his traffic ... This added value can vary from one Tik Tok influencer to another. In return, the brand offers products, invitations to events, privileges or cash.

You are going to have to make Tik Tok videos with product placement, that is, your Tik Tok video will have to showcase the product or service of your partner company. In general, this type of sponsored video earns you between $ 100 and more depending on your number of subscribers, your engagement rate and the deal made with the brand. Know that your remuneration will depend above all on your statistics but also on your fine negotiating skills.

comment gagner de l'argent avec Tik Tok

Affiliation to earn money with Tik Tok

Make Money with Tik Tok by Joining! But what is affiliation and how can you use this technique to earn money from your Tik Tok profile? Affiliation is first of all selling someone else's product or service for personal gain and of course secondarily for the profit of the person providing the product to you. There are many companies on the internet that offer an affiliate program. I recommend that you make a selection of the products or services that you are used to using on a daily basis and check whether the suppliers offer an affiliate sales program. Generally you will be able to receive a commission ranging from 5 to 15% on the sales made thanks to your intervention.

Ideally, you should proceed as described below:

  1. Select the affiliate product you want to promote
  2. Get your affiliate link that allows you to track sales or your personalized promo code.
  3. Enter your affiliate link or personalized promo code in your Tik Tok bio for more visibility and to encourage people to click on it to purchase.
  4. Make a Tik Tok that highlights the product or service you are selling as an affiliate.

Another variation of affiliate, dropshipping to make money with Tik Tok

You can just as easily resell the products of other companies without them realizing it. Of course, your best bet is to have a contract, distribution authorization, or official dealer certificate. However, many people resell products from sites like aliexpress or wish by adding their margins and without having stock first. I invite you to learn more about the e-commerce method that is commonly called dropshipping.

comment gagner de l'argent avec tik Tok ?

Sell your own products or services to earn money with Tik Tok

You can promote your own products and services if you have a business and take advantage of the tremendous source of traffic that Tik Tok brings. As of this writing, the Tik Tok network is less than 3 years old and yet it already has millions of active users connecting to it every day. This means more visibility for your products and therefore a new channel that will allow you to achieve turnover.

Sell your training, coaching or Consulting

What does it matter what type of product or service you sell, whether it is a physical or digital product such as training, coaching or consulting as soon as you have a sufficient number of subscribers on the Tik tok platform you will benefit from a great showcase to promote what you have to sell. Of course, you need to make quality content in order to remain attractive to people who follow you. But if you know how to create engagement with your Tik Tok followers and have a "winning product" to offer them. You will definitely make a lot of money with Tik Tok.

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