How to get Tik Tok followers and likes on your videos fast

Comment‌ ‌obtenir‌ ‌rapidement‌ ‌des‌ ‌abonnés‌ ‌Tik‌ ‌Tok‌ ‌et‌ ‌des‌ ‌j'aime‌ ‌sur‌ ‌vos‌ ‌vidéos‌

Tik Tok has become the trendy social network, although there aren't as many users there as Instagram. However, it is a new social exchange network focused on video selfies. Music holds a predominant place there. You have undoubtedly noticed that most of the influencers go there. We have found that when you post a video on TikTok it gets much more visibility with people outside our network. It would be very different if we had done the same operation on another social network (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter). However it is still difficult to get a lot of subscribers and “ I like ” on his posts without using the techniques that we will show you below - below. We will give you the procedure to follow to obtain a maximum of subscribers, and as quickly as possible on this new very popular platform.

The steps to follow to have more subscribers on Tik Tok

  1. Have an ultra personalized profile
  2. Use professional tools
  3. Offer content that is different from others
  4. Avoid too long videos
  5. Post at the right time
  6. Comment on the 5 most popular hasstags of your theme
  7. Buy real subscribers on Shop just like me
  8. Share your Tik Tok videos on your other social networks
  9. Participate in challenges and use the corresponding hashtag

Comment‌ ‌obtenir‌ ‌rapidement‌ ‌des‌ ‌abonnés‌ ‌Tik‌ ‌Tok‌ ‌et‌ ‌des‌ ‌j'aime‌ ‌sur‌ ‌vos‌ ‌vidéos‌

How to gain more TIK TOK subscribers

We will detail each state in detail so that you have as much information as possible.

Have an ultra personalized profile

When creating your Tik Tok account, don't forget to fill in all the fields of your profile. Put an attractive profile picture because a beautiful picture is worth a thousand words. You can put a photo of yourself, your logo or any images related to your theme. If possible well lit. Fill in a brief description that allows you to immediately understand the subject of your videos.Enter in the information the links to your other social networks. Do not hesitate to link your website in the corresponding field. If you don't have a website, you can very well indicate your Youtube channel. If you are selling a product you can also put your affiliate link there. A full profile full will make people want to subscribe.

Use professional tools

the most followed profiles are often those who offer videos of the best possible quality. You will quickly notice that the videos are shot extremely well sometimes there are little special effects that make them much more enjoyable and captivating. This is why you need to use tools that will allow you to get the best visuals possible. But you can also make quick edits with software on your cell phone. Here is a list of software or interesting mobile application for editing your future videos

Offer content that is different from others

Try to offer content that differs from others in the sense that it is visually different. With a particular graphic charter or a specific video cut that would allow you to be immediately recognized and identified. When everyone does the same thing sometimes it is not enough to be the best but simply a little different from others to get noticed quickly.

Comment‌ ‌obtenir‌ ‌rapidement‌ ‌des‌ ‌abonnés‌ ‌Tik‌ ‌Tok‌ ‌et‌ ‌des‌ ‌j'aime‌ ‌sur‌ ‌vos‌ ‌vidéos‌

Avoid too long videos

It says it all about Tik Tok people want to be entertained quickly . Your subscribers don't have much time and most don't want to watch long videos, so keep it short and to the point.

Post at the right time

Publish your video at the moment. The best time is when your audience is connected. The best would be to post your videos at different times of the day and then see depending on the number of views, the times that are the most interesting to broadcast a publication. From experience, the hours when people are most connected are:

  • 9h
  • Midi
  • 17h
  • 21h

Comment on the 5 most popular hasstags of your theme

You will have to use the method Gary Vee that is to say: find some ultra popular hashtags around 5 and corresponding to your theme. you will then have to comment on the 4 most popular video publications belonging to your hashtag in order to get the maximum visibility for your comments . This will give visibility to your Tik Tok profiles and will encourage other users who read your comment to follow you.

Buy subscribers on Boutique just like me

If your profile starts with a low number of subscribers, you can buy real Tik Tok from the site Shop just like me . These are real people, users of the Tik tok platform who will subscribe to your profile through low pay. You can easily get 1000 to 10,000 Tik Tok follower very quickly (one to 2 days). The goal of this strategy is to encourage new visitors to your profile to subscribe to your Tik Tok page, on the fact that if they see that you already have a lot of subscribers, they will want to subscribe to their turns because “the number attracts the number” . Because of this, it's a good short-term way to get a lot of subscribers in the easiest way possible.

Share your Tik Tok videos on your other social networks

The Tik Tok application is very well designed, it is made to promote the creation of content and then share it on its other social networks thanks to the sharing tools set up by their designers. Do not hesitate to share each new video on your other social platforms in order to show your other subscribers that you also have a Tik Tok profile.

Comment‌ ‌obtenir‌ ‌rapidement‌ ‌des‌ ‌abonnés‌ ‌Tik‌ ‌Tok‌ ‌et‌ ‌des‌ ‌j'aime‌ ‌sur‌ ‌vos‌ ‌vidéos‌

Participate in challenges and use the corresponding hashtags.

You have noticed the emergence of more or less bizarre challenges present on Tik Tok. Each challenge is represented by a unique hasstags which corresponds to it. Sometimes the challenges are taken up by several thousand people and in several countries. Participating by posting a dedicated video is a good way to get maximum visibility. You will quickly gain many new subscribers.

Comment‌ ‌obtenir‌ ‌rapidement‌ ‌des‌ ‌abonnés‌ ‌Tik‌ ‌Tok‌ ‌et‌ ‌des‌ ‌j'aime‌ ‌sur‌ ‌vos‌ ‌vidéos‌


Building a community of people who follow you takes time and above all requires regularity. There is no quick fix, you just have to be regular and consistent. It's a long-distance race. Also know that “the number attracts the number“ that is to say that the more subscribers you will have to your profile, the more people will want to subscribe because they will think that your content is necessarily interesting if you already have a large number of subscribers. If you use each of the above methods and have a little patience. You can easily reach 10,000 subscribers in a short period of time . The luck you have is that Tik Tok is a social network that offers great exposure to people who spread their posts. You will quickly notice that after posting your first video you easily reach 100 to 200 views in just one day . Whereas on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook you will never get so much visibility on a post even by lining up about fifty hasstags. We encourage you to persist in your project and above all have fun :)

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