How to make a pretty Instagram font

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What is an Instagram Font?

Very few Instagram users know that they can change the font when writing their bio. This is to put an unusual writing style in their Instagram profile in order to improve the aesthetics of the page you have the choice between different fonts:

  • Italic
  • Gothic style
  • Bold
  • Futuristic
  • Etc…

Adding font to your Instagram bio will make your profile more attractive and above all out of the ordinary. This little touch of visual refinement will encourage users of the instagram platform to follow you or take an interest in your content, especially if they deem it to be different from others.

How to change the font of my bio with an Instagram Font?

To change the font of your Instagram bio several tools are at your disposal. In particular by using the sites below:

These sites will allow you to generate nice fonts and instagram fonts for free that you can use for writing your bio. You can also use this system for writing your messages on social networks. You will have the choice between more than 16 styles of fonts of different writing. To do so you will have to type your text in the corresponding box and then choose the font you want to use. Once everything is done, you will just have to copy and paste to send your new stylized text to your Instagram bio.

comment faire de jolie font instagram

What's the point of changing the font of your Instagram bio?

By changing the font of your Instagram bio, you are going to have an unusual page in the sense that most users of the instagram platform do not do the same as you! This will mean that you have an original profile and that your posts probably are too. As you can see, the key word is ORIGINALITY! This is unfortunately what is sorely lacking on social networks like Instagram, where we go from one profile to another without really seeing a noticeable difference. You've probably seen a profile yourself with a pretty font and found that it was immediately obvious. It adds something different and aesthetic, giving a certain charm to the page visited. This is exactly what you need for your profile: a pretty Instagram font ready to appeal to your new visitors, as soon as they arrive on your page.

No more instagram follower by being original

Using an original font is bound to attract the attention of new visitors to your Instagram profile and possibly encourage them to follow. But that's not all, you have other solutions available to you to be original and attract as many subscribers as possible to your Instagram profile. we advise you to read the excellent blog post How to get instagram followers

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