How to unsubscribe and terminate Spotify without worries?

Comment se désabonner et résilier Spotify sans soucis

Spotify is one of the largest free music streaming platforms with basic advertising services. But for more freedom, it is possible, among other things, to subscribe to Spotify premium. The premium subscription therefore allows you to better enjoy Spotify services. But then you may want to unsubscribe from Spotify.

Several reasons can therefore lead you to unsubscribe from Spotify: dissatisfaction with the prices, the methods of listening to music, the conditions of use or simply for pleasure. For unsubscribing from Spotify is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Using your browser, go to the Spotify website which is Enter your email address and your password. Log in to your Spotify profile to begin the procedure to unsubscribe from Spotify
  • Access the cancel screen. In the menu, on the left side, click on " subscription ". Your personal data is displayed with the window that opens. Select " Show information "
  • The date your subscription expires is displayed along with all payment information. Then press " Modify or cancel "
  • Specify your reason for unsubscribing from Spotify. Select " Cancel subscription " for confirmation of your decision

Once you have completed these steps, you will enter the Spotify passcode again. Enter your password then press the " Cancel " option. You have successfully unsubscribed from Spotify when a window stating " successful unsubscribe " is first displayed and you are indeed unsubscribed.

But instead of just unsubscribing from Spotify, you can be more drastic and decide to delete your Spotify account.

How to delete a Spotify account

There are several reasons that can lead you to delete a Spotify account. You may be more drawn to innovations from other music streaming platforms . You may also decide to delete a Spotify account because of the difficulty in supporting the Spotify subscription fees in the long run. Deleting your Spotify account will then allow you to save around € 9.99 per month Spotify premium subscription. For the family subscription, deleting your Spotify account will save you around € 14.99.

Besides, insufficient music selection may also be the cause of your decision to delete Spotify account. Indeed, many are those who are disappointed by the absence of the favorite songs which they hoped to find. We must not neglect the quality of Spotify services . Many people decide to delete their Spotify account simply because of the service failure or to directly support their favorite artists .

Finally, there is also the fact that Spotify pays meager musical actors. It is therefore often more profitable for creators for consumers to delete their Spotify accounts in order to purchase the hardware albums . Whatever the reason, just follow the following steps to delete Spotify account:

  • Go to the Spotify website which is from your browser app or open the Spotify app present on your phone
  • Now you can login
  • Then open the menu in your application by clicking on the icon representing the arrow pointing downwards then select " Account ". In case you are not using the mobile version, you can skip this step.
  • Scroll down the account display until you get to the bottom. Then select "About" in the category " Company ".
  • Navigate to " Customer support ". Press "Contact form ".
  • Select the " Account " key
  • Now click on the option " I want to close my Spotify account permanently "
  • Finally press the key "Close an account "

Once you have completed all these steps to delete a Spotify account, please be aware that using your previous username is no longer possible . Likewise, if you have finalized the deletion of your Spotify account, all your playlists and subscribers will be permanently gone.

How to terminate Spotify?

To terminate Spotify, no need to worry, you can easily take care of it on your own. Find out here how to terminate Spotify permanently, if you don't want to just unsubscribe. We are going to see how to terminate Spotify smoothly and only in a few small steps.

You will thus be able to request termination of Spotify anytime on your computer or even from your mobile phone. You do not need to carry out heavy administrative procedures, making manipulations in the settings of your device will be more than enough for you to terminate Spotify. Have you made up your mind? To terminate Spotify, simply follow these steps faithfully:

  • To get started, go to your Spotify account. Then log in by entering your login details (email address and password)
  • Then go to the " About " category. Now click on " Customer support "
  • Then click on the option " Remove Spotify " accessible in the contact form displayed in the menu that unfolds
  • Select the option " Delete / close my Spotify account " accessible in the second menu that unfolds
  • You then have to specify very briefly, the causes which push you to terminate Spotify
  • Validate your request now to prevent the subscription from being renewed

Once you have followed these steps to terminate Spotify, your termination request will be analyzed within a very short time. Then an email will notify you of Spotify termination in your email. And that's all ! You have successfully terminated Spotify so your Spotify account will be deleted once and for all too.

But beware! As soon as you have validated the termination of Spotify, know that you will no longer be able to access your favorite playlists . You should therefore not take the decision to terminate Spotify out of anger or in a moment of haste.

To avoid completely losing essential information by terminating Spotify permanently, you can for example take the trouble to write down a selection of your favorite playlist in a safe place so that you can go search or reconstruct it on other platforms of music streaming. On the other hand, if your choice is well matured, you therefore have nothing to fear to terminate Spotify quickly and move on.

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