How to delete or deactivate an Instagram account

comment supprimer et désactiver son compte instagram couverture
Want to delete or deactivate your Instagram account? It was something you might never have thought of when you first discovered the social network. Perhaps your enthusiasm was such that deleting or deactivating your Instagram account would never have crossed your mind. But now you think about it, maybe you want to delete your Instagram account to protect your privacy, to get rid of social media addiction, to take a new step in your life or just because you don't have any more. enough time. Whatever the reason for which you wish to delete or deactivate your Instagram account, know that you have the right and all the freedom, provided of course that you follow a well-defined procedure. We show you in this article the steps to follow to be able to proceed with the deactivation or to easily delete your Instagram account.

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Deactivate or delete your Instagram account: the two possible solutions

Deactivating your Instagram account is the first possibility that exists when you no longer wish to use the social network assiduously. But you can also choose to delete your Instagram account permanently, it is the second possibility, much more radical as you can see.

Choosing to deactivate your Instagram account: what to expect?

If you choose to deactivate your Instagram account, be aware that the decision is temporary . In case of deactivation of your Instagram profile, your personal information such as your photos, your tastes, your profile, the comments will be hidden . However, even if you have been able to deactivate your Instagram account, in case of reactivation, you will be reconnected and you will find all your data intact .

Delete your Instagram account, what consequences?

If you decide to go further and delete your Instagram account, know that your action will be irrevocable . Your images, your followers, your comments, your profile, all this information will be lost if your Instagram account is deleted. This is a definitive effect that cannot be reversed . It is also impossible to re-register with your same pseudonym or to add it to a new account. That is why you should be completely sure of yourself before deleting your Instagram account.

How to deactivate your Instagram account: the steps to follow

To deactivate your Instagram account, going immediately through the mobile application is impossible . You will need to visit the Instagram website to proceed with the deactivation via a browser on your mobile phone. Once your Instagram profile is deactivated, you will only have the right to use it once a month with all the information available after reactivation. Below are the steps to quickly deactivate your Instagram account:

1-Go to the Instagram website then you must connect to your account.

2-Then access your profile. Once on this page, press " Edit profile ".

3-Choose " Temporarily deactivate my account ". This option that you must select is located at the end of the page.

4-Access the menu that unfolds near the indication " Why are you deactivating your account ". Choose the reason that motivates you.

5-Enter your password for your Instagram account again when asked.

6-Choose " Temporarily deactivate my account ".

And your account is successfully deactivated! So you can see that the steps to deactivate your Instagram account are easy as long as you try it.

But as we have said many times before, Instagram keeps your information in this case. For more peace of mind, instead of just deactivating your Instagram account, it would be better to delete your account permanently. Just know that you won't be able to go back. Follow the next new steps to delete your Instagram account once and for good!

comment supprimer et désactiver son compte instagram

How to permanently delete your Instagram account?

You can delete your Instagram account once and for all, you know that. You must mature your decision in order not to have any regrets after deleting your Instagram profile. This is why it can be very useful for you to download and save your videos and photos and any information before deleting your Instagram account. By logging in you can make a request and download all your valuable data.

This may take up to 2 full days for all downloads to complete. Once your data has been recovered and stored in a safe place on your memory card or USB drive, you can delete your Instagram account with complete peace of mind. But if you don't have anything that you particularly care about on your Instagram profile, skip to the next steps to delete your Instagram account:

1- Go to the Instagram website then enter your credentials to connect to your account.

2- Go to the page " Delete your account " via your browser always.

3-Choose from the menu that unfolds the motivation of your desire to delete your Instagram account. You will have been asked the question: " Why are you deleting your account?"

4-Enter your password to confirm your decision, then verify your credentials

5-You will be prompted " Permanently delete your account ". Click to accept and give confirmation of your choice.

You will therefore have deleted your Instagram account. But don't forget, as you know, you can't go back on your decision. So take the time to make up your own mind . This is why it is advisable to deactivate your account beforehand in order to take the time to realize if you really want to delete it once and for all. This is why we invite you to download your information so that you always have them despite the deletion of your Instagram account.

It is not uncommon to lose crucial information or important pictures before you realize how much you need them later. This is why deactivating or deleting your Instagram account is not a decision that should be taken lightly, out of anger, fleeting frustration, disappointment or in a moment of excess. trust . Always think carefully about your final decision, it is very important!

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