How to permanently delete a Tik Tok account?

Comment supprimer un compte Tik Tok de façon définitive ?

Tik Tok And a very nice application, but today you don't want to use this application anymore and even want to know how to remove it! We will explain how to permanently deactivate your profile.

Just follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Open the app and tap your account icon.

2. Tap the "..." icon just at the top right of your screen.

3. Select "setting then: Manage my account, then click on the" delete account "option

4. The application will then ask you to enter your password and press “continue”

Now you know how to delete your Tik Tok account so that your videos are never visible to anyone again and your profile do not appear anywhere on the famous music app. If you are a parent and your child uses Tik Tok but you feel powerless regarding the control and security associated with this app, know that there are other solutions to stay in control. It is normal to be wary because many malicious individuals take advantage of the gateway that social networks are to get in touch with your children, knowing full well that parents are not always up to date with new communication technologies. and social exchange.

You have other remedies

Deleting your Tik Tok account can be a bit radical, you have the means at your disposal to control your account and manage who can see your videos, you just have to go to the privacy settings and put your video in private. Another option allows you not to be found by other Tik Tok users, if you activate you do not appear in the friend suggestions point this option is available in the privacy settings, you will just have to deactivate it. you can also control the comments and messages that appears on your videos always by going to the privacy settings menu.

In conclusion

We must warn you once you have chosen to delete your Tik-Tok account, ie to unsubscribe, this action is irreversible. You cannot go back and reactivate your account unless you create a new one that is completely independent of the one you deleted previously. The best advice I can give you is to save the Tik Tok videos that you want to keep in your gallery because if your account is completely deleted you will never be able to access them again. If you want to know how to save a Tik Tok in your photo gallery I advise you to read this blog article: How to easily save a Tik Tok in your phone gallery?

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