Tips for getting more subscribers and Youtube views

Les astuces pour avoir plus d’abonnés et de vues Youtube

Getting a lot of Youtube subscribers and views is not an easy thing to set up. You have to follow a methodical plan and be rigorous. It's a cross-country race, see a sprint. You have to gain YouTube subscribers but also is retained. You should also encourage them to watch your videos every time they come out. We will show you what steps you need to put in place to be sure to achieve this goal.

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Techniques to use in the medium to long term to get more views and subscribers

A call to action in every video

The number 1 tip we want to give you is to always make a call to action in each of your videos. You need to tell people verbally what you expect them to do as an action. This will considerably increase what is called the engagement rate, the interaction rate and the conversion rate. Concretely this can result in the arrival of several new subscribers and / or comments put on your video. It is imperative that you give an indication of what to expect to achieve the desired result.

Give people a good reason to subscribe

Once you've made a call to action, you'll just need to give people a valid reason for taking that action. People should be interested in subscribing to your video, leaving a comment or watching the next videos that you are going to release. It could be of interest in terms of information, a surprise that will happen in a future video, a contest that will start soon, a surprise guest that will intervene in one of your next videos. You absolutely have to find a reason that will encourage people to stay in touch with you through your Youtube channel.

Hold people's attention

You should know that when watching a Youtube video, 90% of people's attention is in the first 5 seconds. That is to say, if you want people to watch your video at least until the end, you will absolutely have to come to capture their attention from the beginning of the video. Regarding YouTube's algorithm, the platform will highlight your channel, if you post regularly, that is to say at least once every week at the same time.

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Partner with other youtubers to benefit from their audiences

Do not hesitate to make partnerships with other youtubers who are in the same theme as you or in a theme not too distant. You have everything to gain ! This allows you to get more visibility for your Youtube channel and 'to have new targeted subscribers . To set up this system it's very simple, you just have to invite another YouTuber to your video. If you can't bring this person physically, you can always ask them to make a video that presents your Youtube channel in order to put it forward. This YouTuber may ask you to do the same in return and in this case this exchange will be completely free. However, some YouTubers will ask you for a sum of money for this service.

Organize contests

Just like Instagram and Facebook, organizing contests on YouTube is a very effective way to get new subscribers. This technique no longer needs to be proven, it has allowed many Youtube channels to explode their numbers of new followers for an extremely low budget! Sometimes a simple t-shirt to win can bring a lot of people to your channel.

Systematically share your YouTube videos on other platforms

As soon as you post a new video on your Youtube channel, you will have to share it at the same time on your other platforms, social networks, website or blog. All the places where you can put a link to your video are recommended. Even if you think that it won't get much view if it's reposted on a social network that you never use, you should definitely post it anyway because the link from your video is what is called a backline or external link . This will greatly help your video's natural referencing on Google and thus allow it to obtain organic traffic which is also called free traffic.

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The fastest and easiest solution, the bought ones

Want to get more views on the Youtube platform for one of your new videos? Well the fastest and easiest solution is to buy them here: Buy Youtube views on the site Shop just like me . Your video will simply be shared with thousands of users of the Youtube platform until the desired number of views is reached. It is common practice to buy subscribers or views of videos when starting a channel. Not with the aim of fooling people but when you present your Youtube channel with a lot of followers , new visitors will be more inclined to subscribe if they find that you already have a large number of followers. 'subscribers. “The world attracts the world” as you already know. People will see this as proof that you have content that is worth following and is bound to be interesting to them. On top of that, if your channel has a lot of YouTube subscribers and views, the algorithm will simply show your video first in search results when someone types in a keyword that matches your topic. It is simply a technical trick that allows to legally manipulate the algorithm of YouTube in order to be promoted by the platform.

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Use the right keywords to describe your video

When uploading your Youtube video you must configure certain elements to rank it as well as possible. One of the most important criteria is choosing the right keywords that match your video. On other platforms these keywords are called hashtag . You will need to choose the right keywords that best describe your video in order to be visible in the search results of people who are interested in videos similar to yours. The result will be to put your video in front of the people who are most interested because you have shown it to them. If users of the platform come across videos that they like then they will naturally watch them and have more incentive to subscribe to your channel.

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If you apply each of the methods described above, you are sure to have a lot more views and subscribers on your Youtube channel. These are the most effective methods in 2020 to boost your Youtube channel without having to spend too much money. Each technique combined together gives stunning results. So go for it!

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