Why is Tiktok going to be phased out in the USA?

Pourquoi Tiktok va être supprimé aux USA

Why is Tiktok going to be phased out in the USA?

For national security reasons, the Tiktok app is in danger of being removed in the United States, despite impressive success. This was announced by US President Donald Trump on Friday July 31, 2020. With more than 2 billion downloads to date, the famous music-based social exchange network is unfortunately in the crosshairs of the Trump administration. The Chinese application of the company ByteDance is viewed by the United States as a threat that could jeopardize the country's national security. Suspected of promoting espionage and collecting personal information from its users on behalf of China, the app aimed at young people now appears much less innocent than it seems. The US military and navy have banned their soldiers from installing the app on their smartphones.

A ban that is difficult to implement

Even if the US government bans Tiktok, the concrete implementation of the blockage remains technically difficult to put in place. Although removed from the App store and Google Play, the social network will still be accessible from a web browser. It is also possible to install the application yourself by various unofficial manipulations. Not to mention VPNs that allow you to connect by simulating the country of origin of the connection. It would seem that a complete suppression of the American market is impossible to achieve by the technical means available to the US government.

Tiktok overshadows social media giants

One might wonder if all this is not just a vulgar pretext to eliminate a competitor, so much does Tiktok overshadow the American social media giants? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… The latter could very well use their influence to strategically eliminate or push for sale this network, which is on the rise. Under the threat of foreclosure, Tiktok has already taken the lead and is trying, at all costs, to comply with American and European regulations. The question that naturally arises is: "will all these good conduct measures carried out by Tiktok be enough to gain acceptance on American soil, knowing that the situation is currently tense?" "

How will the users of the application react following a deletion.

It would be a real shame to be excluded from the American market, or even from the European market, knowing that many people have become followers of the platform. Many Instagram influencers migrated to Tiktok to take advantage of the incredible visibility the app could offer them. Influencers who, moreover, do not hesitate to buy Tiktok followers on sites, such as Boutique Just like Me, in order to give their Tiktok profile a boost . This is a good way for them to get maximum subscribers and visibility. If ever Tiktok were deleted, it would be likely to displease all of its users and above all, it will represent a serious shortfall for all the influencers who derive income from the network and their various sponsorship contracts. < / p>

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