What are Instagram Highlights and how do I use them?

 Qu'est-ce que Hightlights instagram et comment les utiliser

Instagram highlights are an innovative feature designed by the developers of instagram. Exploiting Instagram highlights, also known as “featured” Instagram stories, is very profitable for businesses and individuals. Previously, classic Instagram stories did not appeal too much to users of the platform. Their major flaw compared to Instagram highlights is that they disappear only 24 hours after their broadcast. It was therefore not profitable to invest in the production of content that hardly lasted more than a day.

But Instagram has noticed this imperfection and remedied it with Instagram highlights or Featured Instagram stories. With this very cool feature, instagram users get a lot of benefits and are more free. We are therefore going to show you what Instagram highlights really are. What are Instagram highlights? How to create attractive and effective Instagram highlights? How to optimize instagram stories highlights? Find out now.

What exactly are instagram highlights?

Instagram highlights are a novelty recently proposed by instagram, about 3 years ago. Concretely, instagram highlights or instagram stories highlights group together stories made up of various elements of a story or many stories at the same time in a single location .

Instagram highlights are visible in a special section that appears at the bottom of the biographical information on your instagram account. The specificity of Instagram highlights is that they are always available for consultation in the same place, even after the 24 hours which follow their broadcast on Instagram. If they are a resounding success, it is because the Instagram Stories in the Headlines have very practical advantages. For example:

  • Instagram highlights are a useful feature to give more personalized and authentic information about you to instagram subscribers and thus enable your customers or followers to engage
  • More than they are no longer condemned to disappear after 24 hours, instagram highlights allow you to permanently offer visibility to your publications
  • By having a large base of instagram followers, you have the possibility thanks to the powerful links integrated into your instagram highlights to generate immense traffic to your sites to explode the sale of your products and services.

Creation of attractive instagram highlights

Now that you know what Instagram highlights are, you should be able to create attractive Featured Instagram Stories. To do this, simply follow the following directions:

  • Access your instagram profile
  • Select the circular button " Featured " at the bottom of your instagram profile or click on the cross relative to the image of profile that you put.
  • Access the stories archives which you want to make instagram highlights. You should know that you will only be able to highlight stories which are not older than December 2017 , i.e. the date of availability of the instagram highlights feature.
  • Then, write a attractive name which will designate your Instagram highlights Story
  • Then change the cover image for the instagram highlights you are going to create. This photo will be seen by Instagram followers by default when they view your Instagram highlights from your profile.

You have the possibility to select for the cover of your Instagram featured story among the chosen stories or within your own images. All that remains is to slide the chosen cover photo by hand onto the circular space intended to receive it.

  • The last step is to publish your instagram highlights by simply clicking on the " Add " option. In case you later want to edit your Instagram Highlights Stories, just do a long press on the Featured Stories circle without however enter it. This manipulation will easily allow you to completely delete your instagram highlights or change their elements.

highlight instagram

How to optimize your Instagram highlights stories

Instagram highlights or Featured Instagram stories are not meant to remain fairly exploited. There are a number of simple tips that will allow you to get the most out of instagram highlights . Here are some of the effective practices for optimizing your instagram highlights stories:

  • Get in the habit of using at most a series of 11 characters just to make the title of the instagram highlights. This quota includes spaces too. This trick allows you to 'fully display the information of your instagram highlights without being cut off.
  • Do not forget that all the instagram highlights stories visible by default by your visitors from your profile at 4. It is not even < b> possible only to display 3 instagram highlights visible from your profile when you use instagram TV . Exceeded these figures, the surplus instagram highlights are only displayed by swiping the stories section from right to left. These constraints mean that to optimize your Instagram highlights, highlight the stories that are more important and are more decisive and strategic for you.
  • Leverage the location of instagram highlights . The oldest featured Instagram stories are positioned on the right side of your screen or on the right of the section depending on the number of Instagram highlights in total. So consider this arrangement to assign the best place to your instagram highlights according to your goals.
  • Also take into account the fact that the first published instagram highlights stories are the ones that will be last displayed . So play on this antecchronological display of Instagram highlights to arrange them optimally.

In conclusion

You now know everything about Instagram highlights. The name is of course a bit complex but this feature only referred to Instagram stories that you can highlight with more visibility. Now you know how to create attractive Instagram highlights. So take advantage of all the advantages of Instagram highlights and apply all the best practices indicated in this article to optimize your marketing strategy on Instagram.

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