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Buy spotify streams (Premium and international)

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Details of the service:

  • Start between 0 and 10 hours
  • Speed ​​50,000 plays per day maximum
  • Guaranteed for life without loss
  • Minimum order 1000 plays
  • Listening made by real spotify users NO robot or other program prohibited by the platform.
  • Listening can be monetized, listening entitles you to spotify royalties
  • Taken into account by the SNEP


Buying plays on Spotify will allow you to increase your popularity on the platform, all titles have a 'popularity bar' the higher it is the higher spotify recommends your titles to its users which will trigger the increase in your streams organically. the more a large number of listeners will also increase your social proof as an artist or producer. Labels will be much more inclined to bet on you if they believe your music is popular .

Note: These are Spotify streams from several countries from premium accounts (Taken and account by the SNEP for the calculation of streams and the attribution of certifications (example: gold record, platinum .. .)

You can also buy French premium tracks on our site.