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Details of the service :

  • Speed: 10 -250 Likes delivered per day per post
  • Minimum order 100 Likes
  • Maximum order 5000 Likes

On Shop Just like Me we suggest you buy Tik Tok likes in order to increase the popularity of your profile and make your visitors want to watch your publication . A large number of likes will entice people to follow your profile! You can also buy Tik Tok fans on our site.

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Why is it interesting to buy Like Tik Tok on the Just Like Me Shop site?

A large number of likes on your Tik Tok videos will greatly influence its visibility among users of the platform. You need the maximum number of “likes” on your posts so that as many people as possible can discover your achievements without being subscribed to your profile. In addition, videos that have a lot of likes will encourage other users to watch what you are doing and maybe even subscribe to your profile. As we like to say so often “The number attracts the number”.

The Tik-Tok social network was created less than 3 years ago and today it has more than 150 million active users, who log into the social exchange platform every day. Many French and foreign influencers have managed to develop a flourishing business thanks to a significant number of subscribers. The many Likes they have on each of their videos demonstrate their popularity. Of course, it took a tremendous amount of time and work for these influencers to develop a strong community of millions of fans. Their videos are liked because they produce quality and engaging content. As a result, the platform puts them in the spotlight and gives them extraordinary visibility. However, you too can get great visibility if your videos like it a lot. That's why we invite you to buy Likes on our Just Like me Shop site so that you can get the exposure you deserve.

If you really want to make an impact on the Tik-Tok platform, knowing that millions of young users use it every day and produce billions of videos. The Like on Tik Tok The most effective way to stand out from the crowd and get above the fray is to gain maximum Likes on Tik Tok to each of your videos.

What is the point of buying Like Tik Tok?

Videos that have a lot of Likes are proof that the creator is highly regarded by his community. This strengthens its credibility and gives it influence. This significantly increases what is called "authority". Some people who recently bought Likes on the Just Like me Store site started with a number of Likes on their video below 100 and after buying Likes on the video they wanted to promote went up to 1000, 2000 then 3000 Like. This greatly boosted the notoriety of their video. This must have impressed new visitors who visited their profile. You too can boost the number of Like present on each of your videos in order to demonstrate to your audience and to the users who will come to visit your page that your content is highly appreciated. Now you can compete with the biggest influencers because you can just as easily get as many Likes as them on each of your videos. It can be very interesting whether you are just a person using the app for fun, dancing or gags. If you are an artist and you want to show the notoriety of your music: displaying a large number of Likes on each of your Tik-Tok videos will prove to everyone that your content is very popular and appreciated by others. < / p>

How to place an order for Like?

To place an order for Like on the Just Like Me Store, simply go to the page buy Like Tik Tok on starting price is 8 € for 100 Like you can buy up to 5000 Like. Of course, the price is inclusive of VAT, so you will only need:

  • Choose the number of Like you want
  • Enter the link that corresponds to your profile
  • Add your order to cart
  • Go to your cart to complete the purchase
  • When purchasing, you can also use your promo code, in order to benefit from a reduction (if you have a promo code)

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Then the arrival of your Like Tik Tok will be done gradually during the day. That is to say between 0 and 12 hours immediately after your order. You will receive between 50 and 150 Likes on your video per day, depending on the number of Likes you have previously ordered.

Will I buy Likes remain confidential?

Each product you buy on Boutique Just Like me is completely confidential. No one will know that you have bought Like , buy fans from our site. the Tik Tok platform is not notified, other Tik Toc users are not notified and except if you talk about it around you, no one will know. Boutique Just Like me is a French company based in mainland France. We are subject to the Law which governs the confidentiality of personal data. This means, that we do not disclose the identity of our customers to anyone. You can trust us, just like hundreds of customers have trusted us. Boutique Just Like me has been around for over 2 years now. We are referenced on Google and we have the status of company. You will have all the details stipulated in our legal notice. This proves our reliability and our credibility with everyone. If you have placed an order and you have not obtained your Likes within 48 hours, we undertake to reimburse you for your entire order in the form of a credit note, according to the conditions mentioned in our general conditions of sale or the conditions mentioned in the product sheet. For more information, you can always refer to our F.A.Q page. You will find the most frequently asked questions about the products offered by the Just Like Me Boutique.