Is tik tok getting banned ? Yes or No ?

The famous social network Tik Tok, which has quickly become the apps number one  for people under 20, is no longer under threat of a possible ban by the US federal government. No legal action is envisaged at this time.

6 Months earlier, Tik Tok was suspected in the United States for his alleged links with the Chinese government and accused of collecting sensitive information on the American population. Obviously this kind of suspicion was taken very seriously by the former administration of Donald Trump. Yet today, Tik Tok and its many users do not appear to be under threat. Story seems to have been completely forgotten as the former government of Donald Trump went so far as to prohibit American soldiers from owning the app on their mobile phones in order to likely avoid troop tracing.

Tik Tok user community is now safe from any concerns as everything indicates that the Chinese company Byte Danse is not managed by agents of the Chinese government seeking to secretly take control of the United States. We are not in a James Bond movie. However, many of its detractors complain about its laxity regarding the video content posted by its users regularly featuring provocative dances. Content that is not suitable for an often very young audience.

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